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Speed Remit

  1. SPEED REMIT WORLDWIDE LIMITED was registered in United Kingdom in 2001 and operational from 2004. Ever since then, has expanded its network across the globe in leaps and bounds. Today, ARY Speed Remit has presence in more than 95 countries with a strong network base of over 60000 payment points.

  2. Speed Remit is a global home remittance web-based money transfer service, under the brand name of SPEED REMIT MONEY TRANSFER, which caters to the expatriates requirements of sending money back to their families for daily maintenance, medical, education, tourism etc..

  3. Speed Remit caters to the diversified needs of expatriate populations. Having its marketing base in the UAE also helps the company to grow and reach out easily to the rest of the world, due to the country’s strategic position on the world map.