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Fridges & Freezers

Refrigerator Price in Pakistan:

Refrigerator price in Pakistan is largely dependent on the specifications. With the continuous growth of the past 2 centuries, we have a variety of options available for refrigerators in the present. Different brands have come out with distinct series, with various dimensions and prices for inhabitants from Pakistan.
Freezers for refrigerators are an increasingly important necessity that's why we have an array of choices for you to pick from. The space you have available and the position of the appliance will dictate the type of appliance you're able to purchase. Pick from the integrated models that blend seamlessly into your kitchen, tucked under the cupboard doors. Big Freezer style models which are a highlight within your home as a striking appliance, to sleek and flexible under-counter models that are suitable for smaller spaces. Water drinkers who are keen will benefit from the refrigerator freezer that has a drinking water dispenser. Whatever your taste or requirements we have a gorgeous collection of fridge freezers to help you to select the best one for your needs.

Deep Freezer Price in Pakistan:

Freezer designs are typically freestanding and have a good amount of room for frozen and chilled goods. If you're a big family and a large family, our refrigerator-freezers are ideal for your needs for shopping as they can hold items with huge capacities. They range from 70cm to over 91cm in width, they offer plenty of space, with convenient compartments that can accommodate even the biggest of shops. They're made to be an impressive statement in the kitchen, so pick an appliance that complements the other Kitchen Appliances in Pakistan to create a consistent appearance. Consider getting it in another colour if you desire your refrigerator freezer to stick out from all other items. Be sure to look for other features like water and ice dispensers, ideal to serve chilled drinks while entertaining guests.

Refrigerator in Pakistan:

Although our counter-top refrigerator-freezers can be easily incorporated into your kitchen our slimline designs make great space-saving appliances while still offering the freezing and chilling capabilities you require in the contemporary kitchen. They're space-saving machines and provide all the benefits of refrigeration in a small size that can be placed under your counters in the kitchen or in corners of the conservatory, or even into the man's shed! If you want the idea of keeping your kitchen area clean and clutter-free then our counter-top fridge freezers are a good option. They can be hidden away to keep a tidy and tidy kitchen.

Integrated fridge freezers:

Refrigerators with integrated freezers are ideal to make the maximum use of space you have in the kitchen you have installed. They are available with a width of 54cm and are a perfect fit for every kitchen. Our selection of brands includes Gaba Electronics, Samsung, Homage, Kenwood, PEL, Samsung fridge freezers are available in a variety of colours and sizes.

We carry PEL refrigerator-freezers equipped with Insta View Door-in-Door(TM) which allows you to see what's inside the fridge without opening the door. There are also external ice dispensers, as well as the capacity is large. Our Samsung refrigerator-freezers are available in standard, tall, and best sizes. They are frost-free and have external dispensers for ice.

Numerous Options to Choose From:

We provide its consumers with many options in the refrigerator selection. You can select according to your requirements and the space available. Our current Brand can be described as follows:

1. Homage

2. Kenwood

3. Gaba Electronics

4. PEL

5. Waves

6. Samsung Home Appliances

Size of Refrigerator:

You should pick the size of the refrigerator in accordance with your kitchen space and your needs. When we talk about the sizes of fridges they vary. The typical refrigerator size ranges between 2ft and 4ft in width, from 5ft to 6ft in height and 2.5ft to 3ft in depth.
Below are some of the most popular volumetric measurements in the fridge.

1. Eight cu ft
2. Nine cu ft
3. 12 cu ft
4. 14 cu ft
5. 16 cu ft

Refrigerator Price list of 2022:

Model   Price
PEL Refrigerator PRLP-1100 SD  Rs. 30,156
PEL Life Pro Refrigerator PRLP-1400 Rs. 32,173
Waves Refrigerator WR3090 GD Rs. 39,000
PEL Glass Door Series Refrigerator PRGD-2000 M Rs. 45,284
Homage Freezer HCF-315C Rs. 52,800
Kenwood Classic Series Refrigerator KRF-26657-480 VCM Rs. 67,500
Samsung Fridge Freezer Stainless Steel RR35H66107F Rs. 97,999

Space-saving fridge freezers:

If space is a concern there are some great alternatives to think about when selecting the right refrigerator freezer. Consider the size, utility and style. Check out our refrigerator and freezer buying guide to assist you in making an informed decision regarding the capabilities of the appliance as well as how to pick the appropriate size to meet your requirements. Take a look at the slim fridge freezers we offer as an efficient option. Their narrow size means they can be fitted into smaller than typical spaces, yet still be able to meet requirements for cooling and freezing. Bosch fridge freezers are an excellent accessory to any kitchen. They are available in stainless steel, white and silver for an aesthetic that will fit in any modern, traditional or modern kitchen.

Best Deal Fridge Freezers:

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